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Need some Cobra guitars on your project?

Price: $250 per song or $200 per song if you promise to leave me a good review after! I'm also open to bundling if you have multiple songs you'd like guitars on!

Interested in having me track electric or acoustic guitars for your release or live stems for playback? Let's chat!


Listen to this playlist of 125+ songs I've had the privilege of tracking guitars on!


"Joey tracked guitar for my album. He was professional and communicative, affordable, easy to work with, and did it with a fast turnaround time. He was quick to make any changes requested and he delivered high quality, awesome sounding tracks!"
- Lauren Cimorelli from Cimorelli

“Joey is the best guitarist and only guitarist I go to for live work and high quality studio work. He is super professional and always delivers. He is an incredible human being and an even better guitar player. If you need high quality guitar work joey is the guy to do it."
-Addison Inniss

"I’ve always thought Joey was an amazing guitarist. Hearing him absolutely nail every guitar solo always inspired me and I’ve always thought to myself how does he do. Joey not only plays beautifully but he also does it so effortlessly.  His work on my album Promises is an amazing example of how amazingly talented Joey is. The guitar pick work on Jesus What’s a Savior is just one example of Joey’s precision and beautiful guitar artistry."
-Anaiah Nikole

"Joey is one of the best guitarists I’ve ever worked with, both live and in the studio. His talent, humble spirit, organization, and punctuality make the experience so seamless and a rewarding experience for everyone involved."
-Shawna Starbird

“Joey made my dreams come true. I gave him my vision, and he helped bring it to life. He is technically proficient, and nails every take. No matter the genre, if you want the job done right, Joey is your man.”
-Luke Bandy

Let's talk!

Thanks for submitting! I will reach out via email soon!

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