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Schedule a 1-on-1 Consult

  • Guitar theory, technique, songs, and/or Line 6 gear!

    30 min

    40 US dollars

“Had a great run of lessons with Joey diving in to the licks, tricks and solo’s of Lincoln Brewster. Found it super helpful and insightful from a guy who’s clearly spent a LOT of time dissecting the Brewster magic! Joey tabbed out every lick and idea we went over in lessons and sent it through after the lesson, to keep my practice on track. Such a great way of ensuring the learning doesn’t stop even after the lesson finishes!”

- Tom G.

“For 10+ years I’ve been dreaming of playing ‘’Miraculum’ by Lincoln Brewster. I challenged myself in September to finally do it. So I signed up for the survival kit and also hired Joey to coach me. He’s patient, thorough and affordable. Joey helped me accomplish playing my dream guitar song, and I will be playing all the leads it for the first time this year! Thanks Joey.”

--Eric B.

"If you all need help on a tune as I did for Lincoln Brewster’s Miraculum or anything for your church worship playing or ANYTHING guitar-wise, Joey’s DA DUDE! He taught an old dog new licks and I am forever grateful! And I purchased his Helix patch for the said tune and it is SPOT ON!


Thanks, buddy!"

- David F.

"For people that want to learn guitar, but don't have the time to drag their equipment to a studio, Joey is the perfect solution.  He helped me create tones on my Line 6 system, and is now helping me learn to play my favorite songs, all from the convenience of my home.  The short 30 minute sessions are easy to fit into my schedule; while still giving me plenty to work on in between sessions.  I've learned tricks on how to play guitar patterns more efficiently than I could have ever learned by watching YouTube. I wish I had a great resource like this years ago. I definitely would be way further along in my development."

- Michael W.

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