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Guitar Chords for Worship Leaders | Online Video Course

50+ minutes of video lessons. 18 page digital pdf which includes all figures discussed in the course.


There are multiple ways to play the same guitar chord. However, the key to efficiency is knowing which variations of chord shapes work well together. This course breaks down every key and demonstrates the most efficient chords to play with the least amount of hand movement. These chords work will with both acoustic and electric guitars. In this course, I explain barre chords with their varying shapes. I explain 10th chords and how to use them in a worship style of playing. In chapter 4, I break down DADGAD tuning and explain the chord shapes involved. Finally, I have included a capo cheat sheet which explains exactly what frets should be capo'd to achieve the desired key. 


Table of Contents: 

1: Chord Voicings 

2: Barre Chords

3: 10th Chords


5: Where to Capo


Guitar Chords for Worship Leaders | Online Video Course


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