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Give Me Jesus // Upperroom // POD Go Patches

'Give Me Jesus' inspired patches included for both the electric and acoustic guitars. Download, plug in, and play with your worship team. Use in snapshot mode for the best experience. The stomp buttons are assigned as well.


Snapshot 1: Clean Chorus

Snapshot 2: Clean Rhythm

Snapshot 3: Clean Bridge

Snapshot 4: Lead


Grab the UPPERROOM Patch Bundle!

Give Me Jesus // Upperroom // POD Go Patches

$6.99 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price
Only 9 left in stock
  •  "The patches are so good and sync with the worship sessions and it worth the money."



    "Amazing patches that sound great and will be used on a regular basis!"



    "Absolute banger of a patch! Covers Upperroom tones and then some! Well crafted and tone matched! One of my go to patches!"



    "These presets are awesome. Just what I needed."



    "Joey's patches are always on point. I really just got into the digital platform, and I'm very impressed by the quality of his effects!"


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