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Electric + Talkback // Helix Patch

Electric guitar and Talkback hybrid patch. Electric guitar uses the AC Fawn amp. Plug the electric guitar into the "guitar input" on the helix. Plug the microphone into the "mic input" on the Helix. A momentary switch engages the talkback mic. This patch covers all the bases when it comes to tones and effects. Comes with an EQ toggle to switch between single coil and humbucking guitars. Two patches are provided depending on your desired routing scenario. Recommended global mic settings in the item photos. As always, contact Atansio Music for free tech and tone support! 



Snapshot 1: Dry  

Snapshot 2: More Reverb 

Snapshot 3: More Delay 

Snapshot 4: Lead Solo

Snapshot 5: Swells

Snapshot 6: Clean boost 


Total effects blocks included:

2 EQ's 

2 Compressors



2 Reverbs 

4 Delays 

1 Modulation 

AC Fawn 30

Amp Drive boost footswitch




Electric + Talkback // Helix Patch

$5.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price

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