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Miraculum Survival Kit for Guitarists (20%OFF)

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The Miraculum Survival Kit is for any guitarist that is wanting to conquer 'Miraculum' by Lincoln Brewster as efficiently as possible. This course comes with a complete tutorial, educational tabs and Guitar Pro files breaking down 5 key trouble spots, a full walkthrough of the gear settings used, and custom presets for the Helix, HX Stomp, HX Effects, and POD Go. This bundle comes with everything you could possibly need to help you survive playing this song at your church this Christmas! Customer Reviews: "This was the most comprehensive and helpful tutorial I have ever purchased. Joey does a phenomenal job explaining each section and drilling down on the more challenging parts. The tone patches are spot on and even include snapshots for each section of the song. Highly recommend!" - John B. “For 10+ years I’ve been dreaming of playing ‘’Miraculum’ by Lincoln Brewster. I challenged myself in September to finally do it. So I signed up for the survival kit and also hired Joey to coach me. He’s patient, thorough and affordable. Joey helped me accomplish playing my dream guitar song, and I will be playing all the leads it for the first time this year! Thanks Joey.” --Eric B. "If you all need help on a tune as I did for Lincoln Brewster’s Miraculum or anything for your church worship playing or ANYTHING guitar-wise, Joey’s DA DUDE! He taught an old dog new licks and I am forever grateful! And I purchased his Helix patch for the said tune and it is SPOT ON! Thanks, buddy!" - David F.



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