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Champion // Bethel Music // Helix Patch

This is the Champion inspired Helix patch by Bethel Music with emulated pedals and amps. Download, plug in, and play with your worship team. Created for rhythm players and lead players to cover all parts in the song. Use in snapshot mode for the best experience. The stomp buttons are assigned as well. 



Snapshot 1: Intro

Snapshot 2: Verses 

Snapshot 3: Chorus 

Snapshot 4: Down Bridge 

Snapshot 5: Big Bridge

Snapshot 6: Swells


Effects blocks included: 

3 Compressors 


3 Distortions 

3 Delays 




AC30 Amp 

US Deluxe Norm Amp 

2 Mods 


Grab the Ultimate Bethel Music Patch Bundle!

Champion // Bethel Music // Helix Patch

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$5.99Sale Price
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